The Van Maren Group of Companies has developed successful business relationships with many clients and partners. The following people may be contacted for a reference on our firm.


Langbroek Louwerse & Thiessen
Mr. Kurt Louwerse
Phone: (604) 858-4990


Waterstone Law Group (Chilliwack, BC)
Mr. Bruce Davies
Phone: (604) 824-7777
Bruce Davies provide legal services and consults on our real estate projects in BC.

Spier Harben (Calgary, Alberta)
Mr. David Prasow
Phone: (403) 263-5130
David Prasow provides legal services on real estate transactions in Alberta.

Biskund, Hunt and Taylor (Phoenix, Arizona) Mr. Neil Biskind
Phone: (602) 955-1822
Neil Biskind provides legal services on real-estate transactions in the U.S.

Construction and Development:

DYSA (Vancouver, BC) Mr. John Davidson
Phone: (604) 697-7700
John Davidson was our design-build partner on numerous residential and commercial projects since 1981.

Barnett Dembek Architects (Surrey, BC) Mr. Dave Walls
Phone: (604) 572-5431
Dave Walls was our designer on over 30 residential and commercial projects since 1980.

Barnett Dembek Architects, Inc. Mr. Dave Walls
Phone: (604) 597-7100
Dave Walls was our designer on over 30 residential and commercial projects since 1980.

Wedler Engineering Mr. Glen Darychuk
Phone: (604) 792-0651
Glen Darychuk was the civil engineer on our residential and industrial development projects since 2004.

Rositch Hemphill Architects Mr. Bryce Rositch
Phone: (604) 669-6002
Bryce Rositch was the design architect for our current development project - The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake.

Grand Chief - Sto:lo Nation Mr. Joe Hall
Phone: (604) 793-3228
Eric has known Joe Hall since high school, and Van Maren has developed a large residential project on Tzeachten First Nation land, while Joe was the chief.

Chief - Osoyoos Indian Band Mr. Clarence Louie
Phone: (250) 498-9132
Clarence Louie is the chief of the band on whose land Van Maren is developing The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake.